Where are the Americans in the America’s Cup?

July 7, 2013

There is no nationality requirement that sailors on each of the four competing teams in the America’s Cup hold a passport originating from the country for which they are sailing.

Artemis Racing (Sweden), Emirates Team New Zealand (New Zealand), and Luna Rossa (Italy) are competing for the Louis Vuitton Cup — the winner of which becomes the challenger that will compete against Oracle Team USA (US), the America’s Cup defender, beginning September 7th.

But, get this: Artemis Racing has zero Swedes on its team, but seven Kiwis and three Aussies. Emirates Team New Zealand has thirteen (bravo) Kiwis and two Aussies. Luna Rossa has only seven Italians, but six Brits. The defending champion — Oracle Team USA — has only two Americans on its 23 member sailing team! Noooo. Yes! Seven Kiwis and eight Aussies make up 2/3rds of its team. The skipper is an Aussie, and extremely talented.

By the numbers — of the 75 members on all four teams, 26 are Kiwis, 18 are Aussies, and 3 are Americans. Should the Cup be renamed the Kiwi-Downunder Cup?

One Reply to “Where are the Americans in the America’s Cup?”

  1. What gives, with so few Americans defending the America’s cup? The same thing is happening in men’s tennis, i.e. few Americans entered and none seem to be able to make it even to the semifinals. Are we becoming a nation of softies? I surely hope not!

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