About the Book

Build a luxury yacht marina in a Middle Eastern desert from scratch? And expect it to become a premier global yachting destination within 30 months? You’ve got to be kidding! The Rulers believed otherwise. “Get it done.” The author was tasked to perform at the highest level on the planet and not sweat the small stuff … like money. ‘No’ was removed from his vocabulary. Those were The Rules. Deadlines were another one.

The author was hired in 2007 by Abu Dhabi’s flagship development company to design and develop the most technologically-advanced, luxury yacht marinas on the globe while confronted with an obstacle course of unimaginable hurdles. His ride is a riveting account of challenging expectations and life-changing experiences faced as an American expat living in the wealthiest and one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. And yes, surrounded by the world’s most politically volatile regions. The country retains his footprint today, but how it got there is a fascinating saga.

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