Published October 2012

Staying Afloat – Three Years in Abu Dhabi is a delightfully entertaining, engaging and enlightening collection of cross-cultural encounters, day-to-day experiences, myths and interpretations experienced by the author and his wife, many of which required a supreme level of patience, determination and a keen sense of humor to retain sanity. The narrative conveys a unique blend of cultural insight, candor and hilarity. Prepare to be blown away and frustrated, to laugh and cry, and to be inspired by the rewards.

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9 Replies to “STAYING AFLOAT”

  1. I am sending you a picture that symbolizes the end of reading your book at Renvyle beach – Connemara – Ireland 😉
    I really enjoyed it!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I laughed so many times. Izeta

  2. I have recently purchased and just started reading Staying Afloat. Everyone should read this book; if you have an interest in The culture of the Middle East, would like to be an Expat this is for you!!! Started it today 21/10 and will be finished by 24/10 at the latest.

  3. Superb, not only perfectly ironic and amusing but extremely informative. Steve’s humain and intellegent character dipicted the perfect UAE atmosphere!
    I’m glad he feels the same way as I about comunicating in another language. Something that my expatria has difficulties in doing!!
    Thanks Steve for this interesting and enjoyable read! God bless you ! Fogs!

  4. Our California Delta Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau Mixer last night was great and your book was the hit. I could have sold some but referred folks to your websites instead. The book I used for a prize was worn out from lookers by the time it was received by the winner, but still a valued and welcome prize.

    Bill Wells, Executive Director, California Delta Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau
    Contributing Editor, Bay & Delta Yachtsman magazine

  5. Randy Gault:
    “Having traveled to Abu Dhabi long before the dream of Yas Island was envisioned, I was eager to read Staying Afloat, Steve Burton’s chronicles of living and working in this exotic and culturally enriched Emirate. In a word, Fantastic, it’s a great read!”

    Denise Gault:
    “Even though I’d experienced first hand the wonders of the region, I was reminded how unique Abu Dhabi is and how little we all really understand of its culture and nature. I was especially astonished to read how he pulled this off and kept his cool throughout. It is certainly a study in patience and respect. Well done!”

  6. Staying Afloat, is truly an amazing, educational, three year adventure for the author and his wife. This provocative narrative will tantalize and perhaps give you the desire to visit this area one day. If not, you will have lived it through their first hand knowledge and experience. Very well written and documented. Five Star for sure!

    Bob Carlson

  7. Do you want to have fun, be enriched and learn something new about far away places? Then you must read “Staying Afloat” by the gifted marina consultant, turned author, Stephen Burton. By the time you finish reading this enthralling and entertaining tale of an American ex-pat who collides with destiny on a pleasure trip to the UAE, you will be stunned by the sheer magnitude and elegance of the real estate and maritime development achievements produced by him and fellow ex-pats from around the world. Backed by the limitless resources of the Abu Dhabi royals and challenged by their seemingly impossible expectations, this diverse cadre of experts teamed up to turn a virtual sand box into a world class entertainment and tourist destination.

  8. I enjoyed reading about your trials and tribulations leading up to the first Abu Dhabi F1 race. Having lived through that mad period as a fellow employee it brought back so many memories of an era which most of us will probably never witness again. Keep up the writing Steve. Richard

  9. Looking forward to reading more, Steve and Pamela. It’s was “netherworldly” life there for sure. We are often asked about our time there and it’s one of our travel experiences on which we are both happy to expound! Best of luck to you with your memoires. Lin

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