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St Tropez 2022

St Tropez 2022

Paris, France 2021
Le Louvre, Paris 2021
Marrakesh, Morocco 2019
France 2018
The Bastard Hotel, France 2018
Rome, Global Arabian Horse Racing Festival 2018
Madrid, Spain 2018
Madrid, Spain 2018
Abu Dhabi 2017
Louvre Abu Dhabi 2017
smMH Emirates captain
2013 Celebrating with Emirates Team New Zealand skipper/helmsman Dean Barker prior to advancing to the America’s Cup against Oracle Team USA
The America’s Cup, the Holy Grail of Sailboat racing
Casablanca Grand Mosque
Casablanca Grand Mosque
Author and wife in Paris
Marina side of Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
Marina side of Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, 2013
Steve & Pamela HaLong Bay, Vietnam 2010
Steve & Pamela HaLong Bay, Vietnam, 2010
smStevebookcoverbuscard copy copy
Author under pressure

French Oak Wine Barrel Furniture


The story of a French wine barrel begins in a forest of 75-100-year old oak trees in France. A cooperage selects the dense oak wood for barrel construction that is free of defects and knots to ensure a watertight container. The completed barrel is purchased by a winery – in this case, from Napa Valley in California. Wine is stored in the barrel for a length of time, as determined by the winemaker, to absorb the subtle wood flavor necessary to create fine wine. When the barrel’s wood flavor is exhausted, the barrel is no longer used. The inside of the discarded barrel is permanently stained from the aging crushed grapes and its beauty and strength invite a continuation of its history. My unique oak barrel furniture and accessories extend the legend of the French wine barrel.

Some of my recent inventory Continue reading “French Oak Wine Barrel Furniture”

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