About the Author

Steve Burton, a marina development consultant, cultural adviser, and author, received his bachelor of arts at the University of California at Davis and master of arts at San Francisco State University. He spent twenty years in the real estate development and construction industries, followed by eight years in the maritime industry―all in Northern California. Combining his background experiences, he relocated to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates in 2007. His work in the Middle East earned him international acclaim and recognition as one of today’s premier marina specialists.

Burton has travelled extensively throughout North and Central America, Western Europe and the Middle East, including extended visits to Southeast Asia and North Africa. He has visited twenty-three countries and lived in three ‒ California (a country within a country), the United Arab Emirates, and a brief stint in Southern France. He has sailed recreationally and competitively in San Francisco Bay and across the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.


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