Ambitious and forward-thinking direction of Abu Dhabi’s Rulers

The grand scheme of Abu Dhabi’s leadership, and the staggering size and cost of the emirate’s capital projects, are detailed in my book, STAYING AFLOAT – Three Years in Abu Dhabi, a colorful and comprehensive taste of life in one of the wealthiest locales on the planet. Keep in mind that the emirate of Abu Dhabi is only the size of the State of West Virginia in the US, although immensely wealthier.

How about this little-known project? Samsung’s $2.48 bil Carbon Black and Delayed Coker plant in Abu Dhabi

What the heck, you may ask, is a carbon black and delayed coker plant? Here’s the deal …

Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer) signed a EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contract with the South Korean engineering giant Samsung in November 2012 to build a Carbon Black and Delayed Coker plant in Ruwais, west of the city of Abu Dhabi.

The facility, estimated to cost $2.48 billion, will perform two functions: (1) it will transform the heavy oil produced by the emirate’s current refineries and new refinery under construction, all located in Ruwais, into light petroleum derivatives, a necessary ingredient for local petrochemical industries and aluminum companies; and (2) it will produce carbon black used by Abu Dhabi Polymers Company to manufacture pipelines and cables, and as reinforcement material for vehicle tires, and as anode-quality coke for local aluminum smelters. Delayed coker is used in oil refineries. Aha, got it.

When completed in January 2016, Samsung stated that the plant will be capable of producing 40,000 tons of carbon black per year and processing 30,000 bbl of crude oil per day.

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