UAE voted Best Country in the Middle East to live and work

And … not to stop there … Dubai and Abu Dhabi were voted Best Cities to reside in the Middle East. The comprehensive 2012 UK and Dubai-based survey was collated from over 9,000 responses from twelve countries across the Middle East and North Africa.  The poll factored in employment opportunities, education, social and cultural factors, labor rights, law enforcement, entertainment, transportation and congestion, and, of course, the overall quality of life.

Making up the balance of the Top Five Cities in which to reside were, in order, Sharjah in the UAE, Manama in Bahrain, and Muscat in Oman. I have resided in or travelled to all of these top five rated cities and, although each possesses a certain charm, I have to concur that Abu Dhabi and Dubai top the list.

What is the most expensive city in which to reside in the Middle East? Beirut, Lebanon.

Political instability in many of the Middle Eastern countries and their cities knocked them out of contention of reaching the Best Lists.

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