Dubai is the most expensive city in the world to buy dinner, according to and Ipsos, and the 9th most expensive holiday destination in the world. [Business Travel Newsletter, 20 June 2015]

A two-course dinner with a bottle of wine averages $167 in Dubai. A three-day stay averages $1,524, far shy of the most expensive, Cancun in Mexico at $2,000, but higher than Paris, Toyko, Toronto or Singapore.

How did a small emirate in the middle of a troubled region manage to become a global tourist hub that commands such high prices? A great airline? Fantastic hotels? Over-the-top shopping? Skiing? A business-friendly government? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. However, robust marketing may top the list. The Dubai government has invested heavily in pizazz and publicity consisting of superlatives. The “world’s best, biggest, highest, most iconic, most breath-taking” and a long list of other mind-blowing accolades have placed Dubai on the “gotta go there” global map.

Just pace yourself at the dinner table.

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