Staying Afloat made its way to Qatar last month

smStevebookDohaskyline-1 copyDoha looks today like Dubai and Abu Dhabi looked back in 2006-2009. Revenue from Qatar’s natural gas reserves is propelling the country’s phenomenal growth. Qatar recently eclipsed the emirate of Abu Dhabi as the world’s wealthiest per capita thanks to its benevolent Emir and his parliamentarian government.

The author stands on Doha’s Corniche marveling at the old and the new.

Pick up the book STAYING AFLOAT – Three Years in Abu Dhabi to acquire a colorful and comprehensive account of my experience as an American expat while working and living in Abu Dhabi.

2 Replies to “Staying Afloat made its way to Qatar last month”

  1. Hi there,
    I guess you have been to Qatar. I am a free-lance writer with Gulf Times doing an article on bloggers in Qatar.
    I have a few questions about how do you maintain your blog, why you started blogging, what do you like about Qatar etc, for my article.
    Please let me know if you’re willing to contribute. I would really love and appreciate that!

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