Expats comprise 84% of the UAE’s population

The British left their protective influence in the UAE in 1968, but its impact and population remains sizeable. As of 2012, 100,000 Brits live, work and study in the UAE.Today, Brits comprise the largest skilled labor force in the country.

Approximately 84% of the country’s population are non-Nationals, or expatriates, both skilled and unskilled (based upon the 2011 semi-reliable census – emphasis on semi). Ironically, Emiratis only comprise approximately 16% of their country’s population and 3% of the skilled work force, an issue that it is trying to rectify through a term called emiritization. (See 11-29-12 log entry entitled: Education is in the forefront of furthering “emiritization”.)

Of the 100-plus countries represented in the UAE, Russians, for example, also comprise a significant percentage of the country’s expat population. In a recent conversation with the Russian Consulate General, he indicated that as of 2012 an estimated 55,000-60,000 Russians live, work and study in the UAE. Additionally, approximately 450,000 visitor visas are issued to Russians.

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